Rachel meets Superman

Dean Cain star of

"Lois and Clark, The New Adventures of Superman"


Rachel: Hey guys….guess who just moseyed on into my work yesterday. No one on base knew he was coming…SURPRISE!  If you don’t know who this is ….

…….this might help!

Question: Cool. Did you talk to him, or just drool?

Rachel: Hahaha.  He goofed around for min…but we had work.

Question: So if I put this on the web site what do I say?

Rachel:  I DUNNO.

Well this is how it happened…

I was in the bathroom, (it is by the front door) and I could hear some people walk in and say…”if you need to use the bathroom, this is it.” Then came a knock at the bathroom door. I yelled “occupied”. When I came out of the bathroom I noticed there was a group of people in out DV Lounge and just figured someone with rank was here. My boss called me into her office and said “I think someone famous is here”, I wasn’t sure, so I walked down to another room and pretended to get something…and looked in, but his back was too me. I told my boss “I don’t think its anyone”, So then the Public Affairs Guy comes through with his camera, after joking around in the DV lounge for a few min’s he came out and told us who it was. My boss asked “who?” she had no Idea who he was…but I knew after I heard the name…so we got invited to take a picture…and  that was it. He also had a female actress with him, who supposedly was in a movie or two, but I had no Idea who she was.  So as they were preparing to leave, they used the restrooms one last time and were gone. My boss goes to use the restroom and its locked with no one inside….SUPERMAN and his crew LOCKED US OUT OF OUR BATHROOM. We had to have someone come sledgehammer it open and replace the door handle. PUNKS!


Rachel and Dean Cain Star of the series

"Lois and Clark, The New Adventures of Superman"

May 23rd 2005