Sarah meets President Clinton

In talking with Sarah about her chance meeting with the President she explained how it happened.

Question: So you met the Prez. Sounds pretty cool. I can't say he would be my favorite person to meet but a president is a rare occasion. How did it happen?

Sarah: It was cool. I'm not exactly a big fan of his either but it is still something few people get to experience. I was the only photographer on the flight line when he returned to his jet so I got EXCLUSIVE coverage. He saw me taking his photo and walked right over to me shook my hand and then had his personal White House photographer (who finally showed up) take our picture! It was neat. I also met William Cohen the Secretary of Defense and General Shelton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They were actually the ones I was following and I didn't think I was even going to see the Prez. I got lucky, cause we dropped them off at Air Force One and I just decided to stick around to see if the Prez would come around soon. He did! And I was the only one there!!!!

Question: Sounds like the Paparazzi coming out in you. Did you salute your "Commander and Chief"?

Sarah: No, but everybody saluted the plane as it taxied away.