Terms and Conditions

I supply all paper-related materials and adhesives for all classes that I teach. I also carry a supply of tool kits such as rulers, scissors, pencils and  exacto knives for each student.

I have been fortunate that all the rubber stamp stores I have taught at have had classrooms well stocked with rubber stamps, stamp pads, markers and color pencils available for class use. I have come to expect this. If this is a problem or the class is scheduled at a non-store location, we will need to discuss alternative preparation.

I have minimum students per class requirements of 5, maximum of 8 to 20 depending on classroom size. Any classes that are more than 60-minute drive from my home need to have a minimum of 8 people in the class. Since most of my classes require elbowroom I would rather two classes be scheduled than to cram too many into a small space. If a class is on Saturday or Sunday I am happy to do two classes on the same day, but would like to have an hour and a half break between classes. Most of the classes take about two hours. Bookmaking II & III may stretch to 2-1/2 hours. The Star Book class is approximately 3 hours. I need about a half-hour for set up for all classes.

When I call you to confirm the number of students in the class for me to prepare for, it is my policy to be paid for that number of students whether they show up or not. I will leave class kits for those no-shows. If you do not have a policy of having customers pre-pay for classes, you might consider having them do so for my classes. Inevitably, someone who signs up and doesn't pre-pay does not feel obligated to show up. I will give you a confirmation call 48 hours prior to the class.

Class fees for most of the classes are $20 per person. The Bookmaking II & III classes are $25 per person. The Star Book class is $30.00. I expect to be paid following the conclusion of the classes.

Enclosed in this packet will be photographs of the finished projects. Should you decide to schedule me for classes, I will send you actual samples for sign-up display. I normally send samples out a month before the class. If you need them sooner than that you will need to let me know.

Teaching classes that help people discover something new, gives me great joy. I hope that you will find one or more of my classes of interest and will contact me for scheduling.

Jocelyn Cazier

Product information specific to classes

Folding Picture Frames - This class uses cardboard (poster board weight), handmade papers, wrapping papers, photo corners, rubber stamps, layering techniques, collage techniques different types of adhesives (I can cover Xyron usage if you carry those as well), and charms.

Faux Postage/Artistamps -This class uses rubber stamps (large collage style ones are great), dye and pigment ink stamp pads, Clearsnap stylus handles and white foam tips. Collage techniques will be covered as well as dry gum papers and perforating techniques.

Tissue Paper Envelopes w/Matching Cards -This class will use decorative tissue paper, envelope templates, plastic coated butcher wrap, some stamps. A few irons will be needed for this class. I have a couple but another 1 or 2 would be helpful.

Stationery Portfolios w/Matching Cards -This class will use rubber stamps, corner punches, layering techniques and a variety of adhesives will be used and/or discussed. If you have a source for card stock in cream and/or white, at least 13.5 x 9.5 in size, it may be nice to have on hand. The Paper Zone is a good source for ordering parent sheets you can cut down.

Bookmaking I -This class will use cardstock, collage materials, beads, handmade/printed papers or scrapbook papers, two weights of boards; poster board weight and mat board weight, ribbons, twines & yarns for binding and glues like Yes! Glue, PVA, Xyron etc..

Bookmaking II -

Bookmaking III -These class will use, handmade/printed papers or scrapbook papers, beads, ribbons, twines & yarns for binding, and mat board weight board for the covers. Books By Hand book kits are a perfect weight of board as well. I would recommend the "pieces only kits" as they are better priced and will sell better than the kits with the decorative papers. If you do not sell any larger decorative papers, then having some of the kits with paper may be a plus. Glues are also covered, such as Yes! Glue, PVA, Xyron etc.

Vellum -This class will use vellums of varying weights, rubber stamps, stamp pads, sheer ribbons, charms. One focus of this class will be to give the student information about vellums, adhesives and different ways to use vellum. They will also make an invitation sample that allows them to make the flat bow that is so popular in vellum card making. A show & tell about using vellums for invitations and computer usage will also be covered. One of the designs feature Magenta's five petals stamp - 29.013.N - a sure seller when the class is over. But remember it can take up to 8 weeks to get Magenta stamps.

Tag Art -This class uses a variety of sizes of tags, stamp pads, stamps (large collage ones will be featured), beads, charms, collage materials, raffia, ribbon & strings for the little ties.

Folding Cards -This class uses rubber stamps, stamp pads, scoring tools, over sized card stock and A-6 envelopes.