Teaching Financial Stewardship to Latter Day Saints


This is a collection of articles, primarily from church magazines and conference talks, with a few supplemental secular works.

It is hoped that the resources provided will aid in the understanding of what the Lord has revealed regarding the management of our personal resources.

This is a course designed to be a self-study of key matters of doctrine on financial matters.

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This is NOT an official site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints, and I accept full responsibility for the material contained on this page.

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-Joseph Cazier


Lesson 1:Principles of Stewardship



Lesson 2: Tithing, Giving and Temporal Salvation



Lesson 3: Budget Basics



Lesson 4: Eternal Principles of Finance



Lesson 5: Debt Dangers



Lesson 6: Taming the Debt Monster



Lesson 7: Preparing for the Future



Lesson 8: Financial Follies


Supplemental: Useful Links