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Arctic Bound

  Andy and Rachel go on a trip in this 2 minute fun video were Rachel Hula-Hoops for the first time in history at the Arctic Circle  (we believe).


Medium 16 MB Windows Media Video (.wmv)

Super Jason vs His Evil Twin

 Jason Cazier plays "Super Jason" and also his Evil Twin in this 30 second "Good verses Evil" clip.

   For those with slower connections there are two sizes to chose from.


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Medium  1.0 MB Windows Media Video (.wmv)

Super Jason and the Invisible Cloak

Jason Cazier plays "Super Jason"; Captured by his Evil Twin, he is rescued by "Corbinite" in this 2 minute "Good verses Evil" clip.


Medium 6.5 MB Windows Media Video (.wmv)

Super Jason and Evil Jason's Evil Robot Soldier

Jason Cazier plays "Super Jason" and also his Evil Twin. Evil Jason sends out a Robot Solder to do Super Jason in, but he is rescued by "Corbinite's" new invention an exploding teddy bear in this "good verses Evil" clip.


Medium 4.1 MB Windows Media Video (.wmv)

I'm Your Father

Jason and Corbin in a Star Wars spoof. Clipped together from short movies from Susie still camera.


Medium 7.2 MB Windows Media  (.wmv)

Repent and Don't Go to Jail

Bob Cazier tells a story about repenting so you don't go to jail. This was the winning story at the 2009 Cazier Family Reunion.


Medium 12.5 MB Windows Media  (.wmv)

Catch it at the Doctors Office

In 1990 at the Cazier Family Reunion some of our children put on this skit.


Medium 5.5 MB Windows Media  (.wmv)


Pictures and music:

  A cute picture with a song


Salute you Lumpkin

The National Anthem. The best rendition performance EVER!

In my opinion it is the best rendition combined with the performance I have ever herd of our National Anthem. This brought tears to my eyes. If you can listen with ear phones it brings out the low registers that are perfectly placed.

National Anthem


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