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May 2008      



2007 in West Yellowstone, MT

By Andy Cazier

Being Family

Friday, June 29th

Friday Gathering

 The family gathered at the West Yellowstone city park starting at 3:00 pm. Eventually there were thirty in attendance. Connie and John Dalton  the reunion hosts, welcomed us all and gave information on the activities. We shared good conversation, hotdogs and hamburgers. The air smelled of smoke from the fire that was burning in Yellowstone Park and gusts of wind made it necessary to hold onto our plates, but it was a good day to be outside with friends and family.


  There was a little concern as the church where we were going to hold the Saturday meetings was being used as the evacuation center for the fire. The thought at the time was that we may need to meet in the park the next day. Some of the family went to the Playmill Theater for some good entertainment that evening.


 Saturday June 30

Wolf & Bear Reserve

At 10:00 in the morning on Saturday most of us met at the Wolf & Bear Reserve. The reserve is a place for animals that no longer can survive in the


wilderness. Some of the children were able to feed the bears by going into the habitat hiding food before the bears came out. I think that everyone that attended had a great time.



 Back at the city park we had a sandwich lunch.  During lunch it was learned that the fire was under control and that the church was now available for our use.


 Genealogy session

At 2:00 we gathered at the church for the Genealogy Meeting. Grant Creezie opened with a word of payer.


 Gail talked about the different web sites and how they are being used and some of the information that is on them. contains the past reunion reports and news letters and is maintained by Andy Cazier the secretary/treasurer. has genealogy and history information and is maintained by Gail Cazier the genealogist.


  Gail described an old letter about Caziers that was found in

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By Susie Cazier


 I have always meant to put something in the newsletter concerning the following topic but lack of planning always seemed to get in the way.  This year I’m on top of it though. 


 Many years back, not long after mailing out the newsletters we received a letter from a family member requesting we remove her from the mailing list as she “had her own religion” and was not interested in ours or the newsletter. It was a fairly lengthy letter and terse in nature.  I remember that Andy and I were quite taken aback by the thought that someone took the newsletter as our way of proselytizing, when in fact that wasn’t what it was about at all.  To us the newsletter is about Family and its unification.


 I’m sure there are a few of you who may think like this dear family member.  Maybe not equaled to her in fervor, but you see it. The names of those giving the prayers at the family meetings, we frequently hold activities at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints buildings, bits of family history that coincides with “Mormon” history, a spiritual story from time to time in the pages of our newsletters etc…  We’re a family built on religion; and it’s who we were as part of this country’s history.


 We however recognize and are concerned about those family members who feel left out because of their difference or lack of religious beliefs. Not all of our families are card carrying “Mormons” and we hope this knowledge will make you more comfortable about participating, we really want you there, because you are family.

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