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May 2007      



2006 in Boise, Idaho

By  Andy Cazier

Next Year in Nauvoo

June 23, 2006


 Friday Night Gathering

Fifteen family members met at the LDS Stake Center in Boise, Idaho. We talked and ate the food we had brought. Dee Cazier, the 2006 reunion host explained the plans for the next day. We then went around the table and each person telling something about themselves. Good conversation continued until everyone had left.


 June 24, 2006


 Idaho Penitentiary

A number of us met at the old Idaho State Penitentiary about 10:00 in the morning. Five of us went on the tour. The tour guide told us of the history of the penitentiary and a number of the colorful inmates and incidents (escapes) that happened. We got a chance to be locked in a cell and to see the room where they executed (hung) convicts.



After the tour we met at the Municipal Park for a lunch of sandwiches and chips. The park was a very busy place with lots of groups and families holding different gatherings. I thought

the park was a very nice place with a lot of grass and large trees all near the river.


Genealogy session

At 2:00 we gathered at the Stake Center where Carol Reynolds conducted the Genealogy meeting. Thirteen were in attendance. Carol gave a presentation taking about some of the information from Jean Claude Cazier from France. She also talked about the Caziers in the Chesapeake Bay area and their travels there. Jean Cazier followed Uncle Isaac to Delaware. Carol talked a time line of the early Caziers, especially James. James was in the Civil War for 6 months in 1862. Carol said she was transcribing Andrew Love’s diary. Carol also spent some time talking about the new features on


 Executive Committee Meeting

In attendance were: Marilyn Crezee, Carol Reynolds, Andy Cazier, Larry Galli.


 The committee talked about the coming reunions for 2007 and 2008. It was proposed that the 2007 reunion be held in West Yellowstone hosted by Connie


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We, Durell and Kathy Nelson, have agreed to host the Cazier reunion in Nauvoo on June 27th and 28th, 2008.  We should probably give a word of introduction.  I am a descendant of Benjamin Cazier.  Benjamin’s son Fredrick Alvin had a daughter Dacy who married my grandfather Nephi Abraham Nelson.  Kathy and I have lived in Nauvoo for the last thirty years.  I work as the landscape manager for Nauvoo Restoration and Kathy owns the Fudge Factory. 


 I met Fern Rutledge in a Sacrament Meeting when she was returning from a Cazier reunion in the late 70’s.  I have always thought that it would be great to have a reunion right in Nauvoo—and I guess now it is going to happen.


 We plan to follow the standard format - a Friday night gathering, Saturday breakfast, and supper on Saturday evening.  Details will be announced in the fall newsletter, but we thought the announcement should be made now so that you can start making plans.


 Since all of you will be traveling, I assume the reunion will be a part of a larger vacation.  There are so many things to do in this area that you can plan to spend weeks.  If you are flying, St. Louis is the closest major airport (a three-hour drive).  You could rent a car and drive up along the Mississippi River and take in Mark Twain’s hometown, Hannibal, on your way up.  If you prefer, you could take a commuter flight from St. Louis to Quincy, Illinois or Burlington Iowa – both about an hours drive from Nauvoo.


 The website links you to everything happening in this area.  The site lists all the accommodations in Nauvoo and links you to the closest towns if you want to make accommodations elsewhere.  I would suggest you make your reservations this fall.


 2009 will be the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.  Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, is going all out, and many of the attractions are already in place.

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