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May 2006      



2005 in Afton, Wyoming

By Carol Lynn McIntosh and Andy Cazier

A Reunion Story

The 2005 Cazier Family Reunion was held June 26 -27 in Afton, Wyoming, co-hosted by Billie Nield and Lou Jenkins.  They did a great job and we want to thank them for all their hard work.


June 24, 2005

We met at the Elk Horn Arch restaurant were we had a good feast with delicious food, and learned a lot about Charles Drake. Kem Cazier gave a history about Charles Gates Cazier who was sent by Brigham Young to settle Star Valley.  Kem told about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and there interaction with the Caziers in Star Valley.


There were 48 in attendance at the Elk Horn Arch. Paul Cazier gave the benediction.


 June 25, 2005

 AFTON Historical Tour


About 34 Caziers met at the Tabernacle and were given directions to visit the local cemetery, where Caziers and relatives are buried.


The Museum was a great place to visit for a taste of history. The museum was located in a restored barn and for some of us it was a remembrance of our childhood.



Genealogy Session


The first part of the gathering was dedicated to the beginning genealogist. Gail taught us about doing genealogy on the computer. Showing us the basics and how to access data and create files; navigation around and operation of the computer.


We have had some real break-through in our genealogy research.  We feel we are on the right track in tracing the movements of our early ancestors.  We have discovered that we left Europe, as Huguenots, for religious freedom.  Research has shown that the Huguenot Casier Family settled in Harlem on Manhattan Island in 1660. 


Gail talked about William Cazier as a boy and where he may have lived. Gail also reported other research being done by George Nixon on the Caziers.


Carol Reynolds talked about William in the war of 1812. He enlisted in Dorchester County, Maryland and served in the Bucktown Company. William would have been eighteen when the war started, but was listed  as a 2nd Sergeant in 1814.


We also need to have you send in your family group sheets for yourself and your children to Gail.  Better yet, get your offspring in-

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Following is the e-mail I sent to my work group when we returned from the Afton, WY reunion last year.



I just arrived back from Wyoming with little sleep. After a fine long weekend and reunion, that included, long drives, running over a deer corpse at 70 miles an hour (jamming parts of it in places under our van that we didn't know existed and creating a cloud of blood that changed the color of the van) hitting a bird, (it was just trying to eat some of the road kill in my path) and living through the explosion of our rear side window, as we drove down the freeway at 80 MPH, (its OK we were able to replace it with some redneck plastic and a roll of duct tape, and it should last until my wife orders me to get it fixed), I think I need a vacation day to recuperate, and get things back in order. We can't park the van in the garage because of the smell of the rotting animals, and we can't park it outside because it is raining with the broken window….


 I sure had a good vacation. See you tomorrow.”


Now let me give you a little added information.

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Saving Money

It has been suggested that some family members may prefer to receive the Newsletter only by the internet. I have been sending an e-mail with a link to those that have given me their e-mail address, but I also have been sending everyone a paper copy.


If you would like to only receive the notice and link to the Newsletter by e-mail, then send me an e-mail stating this and I will put you on an e-mail only list for the Newsletter. This will mean that you will need to inform me when your e-mail address changes or you could be lost. My e-mail address is:

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