2004 in Ogden, Utah

By Andy Cazier   

Reunion Schedule 2005

Afton, Wyoming

Friday, June 24th
6:30 PM
Meet at the Tabernacle at 347 Jefferson St, for a snack of good food and to get reacquainted and something about Grandfather Charles Drake.



Saturday, June 25th
Historical Tour
10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

Meet at the Tabernacle for a Historical Tour. We have several places of interest that we think you'll enjoy.



Genealogy for Beginners
1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

Genealogy Meeting

3:00PM to 5:00 PM

Both will be in our Family History Center by the Tabernacle.



Executive Committee Meeting
5:00 PM to 5:45



Dinner, Business & Program/Talent
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (or whenever).

In the Tabernacle.


Saving Money


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If you would like to only receive the notice and link to the Newsletter by e-mail, then send me an e-mail stating this and I will put you on an e-mail only list for the Newsletter. This will mean that you will need to inform me when your e-mail address changes or you could be lost. My e-mail address is: AndyL@Cazier.net


June 25, 2004

 Friday Night



 We gathered in the Ogden City Park, in North Ogden, Utah. Approximately 65 to 70 in attendance.

The park was a large area with grass and trees with a big toy for kids to play on. It was warm, shirt sleeve weather and every one had a light supper.


 Larry Galli Opened with prayer.


 Marilyn Crezee the host welcomed everyone and gave an outline for the night.


 June 26, 2004

 Cazier Historical Self Tour, Ogden


 Marilyn Crezee gave information and  maps for the individual tours. She also gave some information on where we could eat later.


There were directions to graves of a number of our ancestors and locations where things happened in the past. The store Benjamin owned, the Cazier homestead and the Shaw home and a flowing well on the property.


It was kind fun navigating around to find the spots we have heard and read about. A good use of the map reading skills we have (or don’t have) and a good fun time for us all.


Genealogy Session


 We gathered in the Ogden Family History Center at 2:00. The opening prayer by Grant Crezee.


Gail talked about the several Cazier genealogists that have worked on the records. Gail told about going to Montana and picking up the genealogy records that were stored there on the LaGrand Cazier farm. Fern Rutledge and Nattie Eagar had kept meticulous records and documented the sources when they served as gemologist. With all the records that needed to be preserved Gail decided to scan the pages so we all could have them if we needed.


Gail scanned 831 pages from Nattie’s records and 910 of Fern’s records. The pages consist of  family sheets, photographs, stories, history's, wills, birth and death certificates and more. They fit on two CD ROMs that can be obtained from Gail. Gail showed how to use the CDs and showed a small example of what was on them.


Gail mentioned the “History of Benjamin Jr.” by Louise Radford.


There is a request to do more research on the Pleasant Drake line and the Caziers in Virginia. Some are willing to donate money to for that cause. As part of this there was conversation on hiring a professional

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