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St. Anthony & Warm River, Idaho


Friday June 25th
It was about 4:00 in the afternoon on a warm summer day when the Family began to gather. The St. Anthony Idaho LDS Church Stake Center easily accommodated the about 50, in attendance for the Friday gathering of the 50th annual Cazier Family Reunion. The Family snacked on a light supper of fruit, vegetables, and luncheon meats, while they reacquainted themselves with their relatives.

St. Anthony is a small rural community, in South Eastern Idaho not far from Yellowstone National Park and the Teton Mountains. This is the area that Benjamin Cazier Jr. Homesteaded with his Family, and where the first reunion was held 50 years ago. A number of Benjamin's descendants were there, and some of them had attended the first reunion.

Additional information on the next day's gathering was given to those in attendance.

Saturday June 26th
A number of Family members made the trip up to Warm River Park, the site of the first reunion. Warm River Park is a nice area nestled in a small Valley along the Warm River, about 15 miles northeast of St. Anthony. The River is rumored to have some nice fish, and the park has picnic areas and RV hookups.

During the meetings normally attended by the Adults, games and activities were provided for the youth and children. The youth enjoyed the treasure hunt, golf and soccer games. After the games the equipment was given to them as prizes.

Past Presidents Meeting
Larry Galli conducted the meeting for David Cazier, the current President, who could not attend as he was presiding at his stake conference. Bruce Bingham gave the opening prayer.

Financial Report


Balance on May 31, 1998. $2,952.85

January 1999 Newsletter… 280.00
May 1999 Newsletter….… 383.71
50 Year Reunion Book..… 923.27
Cost will be recovered when sold
Reserve Warm River site .. 144.35
Postage …………………… 69.24

total Expense. ………… $1,801.07


Family dues and Reunion … 781.86
Dividend from account ….… 50.90
Book Sale …………………. 35.00
Total deposits …………… $867.76

Balance May 31, 1999 .... $2,019.54

In attendance were Bruce Bingham, Callis Cazier, Larry Galli, Don Cazier, Carol Reynolds, and Meredith Hamilton.

The minutes from last years Past Presidents meeting were reviewed. The financial report was also given.

The discussion began about future Reunions. The main subject surrounded the need to get younger family members interested in future reunions. Meredith spoke on the need for specific planning for the youth at reunions. The concern is that the older Cazier family continuously comes to the reunions but the younger family members seem to not have the same interest. Bruce Bingham stated that he could host a reunion in Reading Ca. that would be based more in any camping environment to attract more youth.

There was discussion about possible regional reunions, that can be attended closer to home and then representatives going to the main William Cazier reunion. Larry Galli will send a letter to the Past Presidents discussing the subject.

Future locations for reunions were discussed. Some possible sites were: the Tri-Cities Washington, Reading California, and Salt Lake City Utah. It was proposed that in the general meeting Salt Lake City Utah would be proposed for the year 2000 and possibly Reading California the year 2001.

Genealogy Meeting
Carol Reynolds who works with Gail Cazier as Genealogist chaired the meeting. Gail and his wife are in Nauvoo IL on a mission for the church.

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